History of Cotto’s Revenge e-juice Products

Cotto’s Revenge e-juice products was first founded in the year of 2013, and is primarily located out of southern Arizona. Cotto’s Revenge’s founder is Joe Cotto. The concept of vaping seems to be very complicated, and yes it can be. Yet, vaping is an excellent way to end ones smoking habit. This concept caught Joe Cotto’s attention as an effective way to once and for all put an end to his smoking habit. Joe did a long and hard search of experimentations to try and discover the flavor that would satisfy both his wife and his own tastes in e- liquids for e- cigarettes. With ultimately no success Joe began making his very own unique vaping e- liquids. He experimented with unique and rich flavors cottos-revenge-barrelthat gave his liquids a very southern style aging twist that seemed to impress not only him, but his family and friends. It was not to long until more and more people were wanting Joe’s e- liquids for their e- cigarettes. The demands for his e- liquids continued to rise, and Joe decided to put his product officially on the market for people to buy. His e- liquids then became popular among the general community of vaping, and ever since then Joe Cotto has been a crucial member of the vaping community, and he sells his various flavors of his e- liquids. Cotto’s Revenge e-juice products are widely available to order online, and available in some stores. Anyone who orders one of Cotto’s e-juice products immediately loves it, and it is very effective in aiding in getting rid of the addiction of smoking. People all over the world now can help themselves get rid of their addictive smoking habits using bold, and unique flavors for their e- cigarette. There are many crowd pleasing flavors to choose from, and all of them receive raving reviews from the customers. Since 2013 Joe Cotto has been achieving his goal of creating daring and amazing flavors for people to vape in order for them to once and for all end their harmful smoking addiction.

Cotto’s Revenge Crowd Pleasing Flavors
Cotto’s Revenge e-juice products has many preferred flavors that are popular among customers vaping everywhere around the world. Join them by going to eJuice Farm where they have cottos revenge and other delicious┬ávape brands. There are a variety of different vaping flavors in which to choose from. One is the Bourbon Custard that is an intriguing blend of the beloved Kentucky bourbon accompanied with a dash of yummy coconut, toasted almonds, and sweetened with a smooth vanilla custard. Just like all of the Cotto’s Revenge e-juice products Bourbon Custard has been oak barrel aged for two full weeks to ensure the great tasting flavor as well as to make sure that the juice is ready to be vaped right away! Also, there is the popular flavor high life, and this liquid is truly described by the name it is given. High life contains champagne blended with citrus flavors, sweet delicious strawberries, and a hint of cream. Next, there is Nani’s Kiss that has a very bold tasting blend of smooth toffee, sweetened rum, and hibiscus. Then, there is the fresh flavor Ocean Peach that is a refreshing blend of sweet butterscotch, smooth creamy custard, mojito lime, and the Chinese peach. There is also the flavor sophisticated. Sophisticated is truly a sophisticated blend of brown sugar, creamy vanilla custard, almonds, and Kahlua. Finally, there is the daring flavor Vendetta. Vendetta is a bold blending of smooth custard, brandy, acai berry, and sweet vanilla. These are not the only flavors that are available to purchase from Cotto’s Revenge. There are a variety of flavors to choose from, and each person has a different preference of flavor that best suits them. Each one is unique and different from the next, and always full of daring and bold flavors.